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1.1.            BACKGROUND:

District swat one of the beautiful District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. According to 2017 senses its total population approximate 35 Lacs. Mostly people of the area defending on agriculture. The education ratio according to the Education Department survey 48 % in male while in female the same is up to 35%. Almost population are belongs to poor and middle class and they have needed help in every field of life.

1.2 Organization Background:

Fatma Shafi Welfare Foundation (FSWF) was established in the year 1993 with the help & financial assistance of various philanthropists of over all the country. The Organization is faverly non-Government and non-profitable working for the general masses of the whole Tehsil Charbagh and surroundings villages of the District Swat.

1.3 Mission/Goals

The mission of the Fatma Shafi Welfare Foundation(FSWF) is to providing quality welfare & institutional facilities to poor & vulnerable population of the community as well as to create opportunities of self empowerment of deprived communities through health, Education Development. This will contribute to the uplifting of their Socio-economic status and the reduction of poverty.

1.4 Objectives of the FSWF

Ø  To support the Education Development of the destitute Orphans Children.

Ø  To improve the Health status of the deprived community by providing free of cost quality health & Ambulance facility.

Ø   To rehabilitate the Persons with Disability to make them a useful citizen of the community.

Ø  To improve the life status of women folk of the area through provision of technical skill, Education & Marriage grants.

Ø  To eradicate poverty through distribution of Free food packages & Prepared Food Package in the month of Ramzan.

Ø  To impact National Development by raising awareness of Education, Health & Community development at local level.

1.5 Approach & Strategy:

FSWF always appreciates and respects positive endeavors from individuals, Communities and National & International Organizations always considered the following approaches during the program implementation process:-


Participatory Approach:

FSWF encourage our beneficiaries to participate actively in our programs the need assessment to the implementation and evaluation and sharing of lessons.

People Centered approach:

The community is central in all our activities and developmental efforts and intervention.

 Coordination and collaboration:

All of FSWF activities are coordinated with the Government & non-Governmental Organizations at gross roots, District National & International levels.

Accountability & Transparency:

All the services/activities of FSWF including corresponding Budget allocated for the particular activities are transparently managed anyone any time can have access to this information if requested.

Needs driven approach:

FSWF each & every services was established by the joint consultation with the Board of Directors and no one activity imposed directly by the top of the Foundation. The views of the beneficiaries will also give fully attention in every activity.

1.6 Core of Values:

FSWF consistently embrace the following values while implementing their programs:-


A.     Integration:

FSWF makes every efforts to promote integrated approaches in the projects as well as ongoing welfare institutions/activities. We believe that the successful integrated model Health, Education & livelihood activities empower and help the communities to break the cycle of poverty and to improve their life style in future.

B.      Gender based equality & Social Inclusion (GESI).

FSWF with the vulnerable community across the resources in poor remote communities, but specifically within these communities women,children,and the most under privileged population are the main focus of our program.

C.      Human Rights

FSWF is guided by its  humanitarian polices with actively nature all aspects of Human Rights from within our programs.

D.     Human Development Index & Multidimensional Poverty Index : (HDI/MPI)

When selecting project areas FSWF analysis available information about the geographical cluster based on the human Development Index & Multidimensional Poverty Index for as possible. FSWF also collect baseline information to find & set the key indicators before any program intervention.

E.      Ownership & Sharing:

Local stakeholders are involved in the decision making process and community activities are carried out with local participatory approaches, efficient community participation, cost sharing and coordination with line Government agencies creates community accountability and ownership of the project.

F.       Sustainability: 

As per as possible, FSWF strives to ensure that benefits realized by organizational & community based activities supported through community Development projects continue after the end of the project.



2.1: Executive Board:

·         President/Chairman

·         Senior Vice President

·         Vice President

·         General Secretary

·         Senior Joint Secretary

·         Joint Secretary

·         Finance Secretary

·         Press/information Secretary

·         Office Secretary

          2.2         Policies:

·         Staff Management Policy

·         Finance & Recruitment Policy

·         Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy



FSWF believes that lack of opportunity, equality and access are the causes of poor health low educational levels and poverty. FSWF pursues and integrated approach to creates opportunities among deprived and isolated communities of hill and mountains areas of District Swat.



Since the establishment of FSWF in 1998, Health Care & Treatment Hospital was established in Kaimalpur village Charbagh District Swat, where the poor & needy patients of District Swat are providing the following health facilities free of cost:-

Ø  Free General Medical Treatment with provision of Free Medicines & Lab Facilities.

Ø  Antenatal  & Postnatal care & safe Delivery care Unit

Ø  Family Planning & counseling with health Education in the Community.

Ø   Support of the Government in immunization, Health outreach clinics raising awareness about health care rights through advocacy and mobilization.

Ø  To arrange free Medical Camps in the Mountain & Rural hard areas of District Swat.

Ø  Provision of Financial Assistance &support the poor & needy Patient suffering in chronic /serious diseases like Cancer, HBs HCV, Kidney Fail, and other dangerous & emergency situations.


B.         EDUCATION:

The Project goal is quite straightforward to improve the Education ratio in the operational area. The main objective of this program is provide free of cost education to the needy & vulnerable Orphans Students & to facilitate the poor Male & Female students by providing of Education Material i.e. Books, Note Books, Uniform, Shoes etc. Following ongoing services have been initiated by FSWF for the Development & improvement of education sector in the thematic area.

a.                  Education for Orphan:

A will equipped school namely “Al-Furqan Welfare School” under the umbrella of FSWF has been established in 2006. FSWF providing free of cost Education from Class KG to 10th (SSC) to the needy & vulnerable Orphans male & Female Children of Tehsil Charbagh Swat. Beside the above these children have also been providing boarding & Hostel, Food & Cloth & Medical treatment facilities to all the needy orphan students of this School. More than 300 Hundreds Orphans Student is getting free quality education from this school.    

b.                  Provision of Education material:

FSWF have initiated a program for the poor & needy male & Female students of the operational area to facilitate them in kind of provision of Education Material like Free of cost Books, Note Book, School Uniform, Shoes & Socks etc. Since the establishment FSWF facilitated more than 5000 poor & needy students of the area and they getting education in their nearest educational system very easily.

c.                    Provision of Financial Assistance to the Girls Student:

Female education ratio in the whole of District Swat was reported very low. The overall population of the operational area is very poor and they did not in the position to cope the expenses of their children in the field of education sector.  Al most of poor girls are lifting their education in the middle and they have did not completed their basic education on time.  FSWF started “ Financial Assistance Program” for those poor students who did not pay their actual expenses of Education in kind of Fee or Transportation of Vehicle etc, they are fully supported from the subject project.

d.                  Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities:

A numbers of PWDs have been facilitated by providing of the following rehabilitative aids to the deserving persons of District Swat. The activities for PWDs are regularly running by the foundation to meet the actual needs of the PWDs.

1-      Facilitation & Financing to PWDs in provision of Artificial Lambs, Hands, etc.

2-      Provision of Wheel Chairs & Tricycles.

3-      Provision of White cans to Blinds.

4-      Provision of Hearing Aid to Hearing Impaired Disabled persons.   

e.                  Marriage Grants:

FSWF with the Finance support of the philanthropist arranged grants/Jaheez for poor & vulnerable non- married girls of the community. At least 50000/- grant for the purchase of Jaheez have been provided to 15 couples till now. The scheme is ongoing and near future the grant under the said sector will be improve with the support of the philanthropist.

f.                    Loan scheme for the youth:  

FSWF initiated loan scheme for the youth of the community, who are technically sound in the field of electrician, Tailors, Cooking Rooti, General store etc. Initially the scheme was started with a sum of Rs:25000/Per persons. Till now 17 Youth have been facilitated from the subject scheme, and the same will be increase by time to time.

g.                  Ramzan Package:

FSWF initiated a scheme of Cook & Non cooked Atta Food for the provision amongst the poors, Widows, Orphans headed families at the whole of Tehsil Charbagh level. The subject scheme are successfully arranged through the financial support of the  philanthropist since last 7th Years. A hundreds of poor & needy families are  directly benefited from the scheme during each & every Ramzan Sharif month.

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